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About us

ExpatConnect’s MISSION


ExpatConnect (EC) is a social network for Expats in the UAE,

initially developed and launched in Dubai.

EC’s mission is to help expatriates, living and working in the United Arab Emirates,

to get to know each other through our Micro-Communities platform.

Based on common ground as their interests, nationalities, professions and neighborhoods,

ExpatConnect will help them to find new friends,

re-connect with old ones, meet professionals online and stay connected.

They will have access to important up-to-date information,

be able to exchange ideas and finally to meet in real life

at our special thematic offline events and meet-ups.

 We believe together everyone achieves more!


The EC story


The UAE, especially Dubai, has been labeled as a transit destination.

The country has a very unique mix of nationalities, with 90% of the total population

being made up of expats from more than 250 nations.

Based our experiences as expats and friends living and working in the UAE,

we often thought about how to bring together people of diverse cultures and interests

through a community portal specifically focused on the Emirates.

The idea started out on a beautiful morning

in Dubai and was born from a German-Hungarian collaboration

between three Co-Founders, all of whom have lived abroad

as expats and spent a significant period of time in Dubai.

EC’s Timeline


The Expat Connect FZ LLC Company was founded in 2013 with the involvement of private funds.

Our actual branch office is located in Marina Plaza, in Dubai Marina.

At late 2014 we found our professional partner for web development.

In October 2015 we launched the ExpatConnect portal with basic functions.

By 2016 Q3 we are planning to introduce very cool and innovative,

advanced services to help the lives of expats.


EC’s Core values’s content, structures and policies comply strictly

with the U.A.E. laws and regulations

as well as respecting local religious views and traditions.

EC’s aim is to improve every member’s life each day by providing

innovations in services and accountability.

Privacy for individuals is crucial to our company and service.

The interests of individuals are always at the forefront of our company priorities.

We aim above all for simplicity and a user-friendly environment.


Who Are We?

We are a solid and dedicated team comprised of designers, consultants, developers and

testers working together interactively with stakeholders.