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With an ExpatConnect marketing campaign you can…

  • Reach more customers than ever before in the UAE
  • Target niche audiences by your chosen:
    • Location: Choose from consumers placed throughout the entire UAE and select emirates, cities, or just residential areas
    • Demographics: Filter by Gender, Age, Education, Nationality, Profession etc.
    • Interests: Find people who love Football, Art, Golf, Family etc.
  • Generate increased sales
  • Create brand awareness

Our high effective Advertising tools are:

  • Variety of Digital Banners with run-of-site and targeted audience (micro-communities) exposure options.
  • Newsletters, with very catchy designs, to reach all of our high-profile database
  • Native PR articles, a very naturally sounding blog article about your business mentioning and promoting your brand. Featured on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Dedicated Events. Let our members interact with your product or service in a joyful and engaging atmosphere
  • ExpatConnect Official Events Sponsorship. Peer-to-peer communication for your brand to our high-profile members through: banner stands, coupons, goodie bags, speaking to the crowd.
  • Paid posts on our social media channels – reach over 40,000 users across our social media presence with a boosted post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


We would be happy to tailor the aforementioned tools to an outstanding adverting campaign based on your business needs and goals.

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