Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai

One of the things you have to experience – at least once – is the Desert Safari Dubai. Of course, you can get together with a few friends and visit the desert on your own, but you would miss out on the great programme that the local management destination companies offer in various packages.

Whatever company you go for, you will be picked up by a driver from an agreed destination (mall, hotel, or residential area), before you will be taken to the desert, usually in a four-wheel-drive. Most of the time, there is a whole group of desert tourists with numerous four-wheel-drives that leave at the same time.

Once you have reached the desert, let the fun begin. Alongside a crazy drive through the desert dunes (dune bashing), you will experience sand surfing, camel riding, and falcon shows, with plenty of opportunities to take breath-taking photos of the desert and its stunning flora and fauna.

In addition, you will be invited to a desert camp that offers a typical Arabic BBQ dinner in a traditional Arabic setting, with Arabic coffee, shisha, and henna artistry. At the camp, you will also enjoy the evening entertainment programme, including belly dance and tanoura dance.

BTW: If you like off-road drives, BBQs, and shishas, have a look at our ExpatConnect interest groups where you can connect with like-minded people and find friends, even in your direct neighbourhood.

The food and soft drinks at desert safaris are usually included in the package. Alcoholic drinks have to be purchased separately onsite. Prices for the various safari packages range from around AED 150 – AED 375pp.

Of course, the programme depends on what local destination management company you choose, and what package you go for (some companies offer, for example, an overnight stay in the desert and a Hummer drive through the dunes). Generally speaking, it is worth spending a little more money on these desert tours so that you don’t compromise on quality and service.

Some of the most popular companies are:

Arabian Adventures
Desert Safari Dubai
Orient Tours

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