Dr. Mohamad Allami & Associates FZE is a consultancy management and recruitment company licensed under the law of the United Arab Emirates.

DMAA was established in 2016 to meet the needs of the Gulf region and to provide the highest standard of medical expertise, including Consultants, Senior Physiotherapists, and other allied health care professionals.  We aim to ensure a very high, evidence based and internationally benchmarked standard of service across different disciplines of the medical field. Our mission is to promote a cutting edge, evidence and consultant based practice through our collaborative networks with the elite private health providers in the Gulf region.

DMAA is affiliated with high profile private health care providers in the UAE and Oman, including but not limited to the Institute for Biophysical Medicine in Dubai Health Care City, and New Medical Centre (NMC) Health Care providers in Dubai.

Through its various affiliations, DMAA has founded the Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Academy (OSMA), whereby the Senior Consultants of DMAA, along with various other health professionals, have collaborated to meet the demands of patients and the needs of the region. The purpose of OSMA is to establish the first comprehensive, multidisciplinary and state of the art orthopaedic and sports medicine services in the United Arab Emirates. These services shall include: (1) Training and education, (2) Fitness and medical check, (3) Orthopaedic and sports medicine medical management, (4) Orthopaedic and sports medicine surgical management, and (5) Physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

DMAA was created for a simply purpose: to provide western inspired medical service to the people of and traveling to the Middle East from internationally renowned Senior Consultants through a dynamic, client focused platform that has never before been seen in the UAE or throughout this region.


Dr Mohamad Allami

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Founder & General Manager

+971 507 115 115

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