Moving to a new country isn’t easy at all

Cigna | Zurich Insurance Middle East

At Cigna | Zurich Insurance Middle East, we completely understand that. We know how important it is to secure peace of mind when you go to a new country, and your health of course comes first. This is why we have developed diverse plans that are specially created for individuals residing in Dubai. At Cigna, it has been our mission for years to improve your health, wellbeing and overall sense of security. We are currently partnered with Neuron, one of the leading third party administrators (TPA), to provide you with the best healthcare possible. They are a prominent member of the healthcare sector for over a decade now.

There are different types of plans you can choose from. Our plans currently cover for pre-existing and chronic conditions. There is a waiting period of six months for those who don’t have a previous healthcare plan in the UAE. When you apply, please make sure you inform us of any pre-existing or chronic conditions you have. If you fail to inform us, this could result in us not paying claims for those conditions.

At Cigna, we also offer out of area emergency care. This includes emergency short-term medical coverage when you are visiting a location outside of your selected area of coverage. Even when temporary trips you go on are outside the coverage area, beneficiaries are still going to be covered.

Our Healthguard plans include three different levels, based on your health condition, where you are travelling to, and your budget. Our global plan offers cover for international travel with the option to choose all countries including UAE. The current benefit limit is AED 7,350,000 where you will receive access to a Comprehensive network of providers (except for the American Hospital Dubai) in the UAE. The International Plus plan, our most comprehensive plan, has a higher individual benefit limit and an unlimited overall annual limit with access to all of our network of providers in the UAE. The Regional plan is a quality healthcare plan with a lower premium and a generous overall annual limit of AED 2,750,000. This plan covers Dubai, the Middle East, and Asia (except for Hong Kong, China and Singapore). This is the best choice for individuals who don’t want to travel outside of Asia. The Regional plan doesn’t include some of the higher cost hospitals and medical practitioners within the UAE.

In addition to our core medical offering, our Healthy Connect optional module consists of different benefits that will help you in taking control and effectively managing the health of you and your family. The advantages range from inclusive dental care, non-symptomatic health screenings and examinations, medical assessment if the treatment is not available locally. We also understand that people usually prefer seeking treatment in a known setting and when they’re around their family and this is why Healthy connect includes a Return home cash benefit, enabling you to return home if needed.

Cigna | Zurich Insurance Middle East
Cigna | Zurich Insurance Middle East

Our Global Health Assist service implements a personalized approach to manage complicated health conditions. Our experienced nurses will instantly contact customers who are suffering from pre-existing conditions or serious illnesses and confirm a personalised and dedicated point of contact for the customer.

At Cigna | Zurich Insurance Middle East, we are going to offer you a 10% discount on your yearly premium if you follow a healthy lifestyle. We understand that making lifestyle changes can be difficult needs a lot of motivation and this is how we encourage our customers. Keep in mind that even if you didn’t qualify in your initial policy year, you could qualify for the discount when you renew you insurance. However, make sure you submit your BMI results for each applicable beneficiary to our customer care team at least 45 days prior to the annual renewal date.

If you become sick or have an emergency, we want to ensure you are receiving the right treatment when you receive it. Our experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year and will point you in the right direction and make sure you receive all the help required. Instead of wasting your time looking for a treatment provider or medical help, you can focus on your health. There are some cases where we will even pay them directly, saving you the inconvenience of paying for your treatment yourself and claiming a refund later. On occasions where you do pay for treatment yourself, we’ll aim to process your claim within 5 working days after receiving all necessary documentation. The Customer Handbook you receive as part of your welcome package will tell you everything you need to know about getting treatment and making a claim.

To find more about our insurance plans, please visit our website.

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