Online social platform, Qurb is expected to influence the future of social networking with its exceptional features and flexibility of use.


Qurb lets users know what’s happening around them in real-time, directly from their community. The social network can be downloaded on mobile devices and is currently only available on IOS. Thousands of users in Toronto are using it and they’re gaining traction in Dubai.

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How is Qurb different?

With Qurb, there is no following or friending of other users! Users follow only locations. So you’re not limited to receiving information from people you know, but rather receiving all the happenings from all users posting from a location you’re following.

What kind of posts and information will you receive from Qurb?

Usually, what people do on Qurb is to drop posts about what’s happening at a location or a description of a location (like a nice restaurant, traffic conditions, and crowded clubs… etc). Also every post expires in 24 hours so that the user knows that what he is seeing is fresh and up to date.

How to use the app to explore locations:

Simple, you don’t even need to signup or login, you just open the app,

  • Click on the map button
  • Tap on any of the red pins (a red pin means there’s a lot of posts at that location)


  • See what’s happening there

What if you’re interested in receiving real-time notifications about what’s happening at a certain location (follow a location)?

For example: if you’d like to know about what’s happening in Dubai Beach Walk, then you simply tap on the map (where the location of the Dubai Marina is) and then follow the location:

All posts from a location you follow will appear on your main timeline (it’s like following a Facebook page only following locations instead)

What if I only want to see certain types of posts (food, beach …etc)

Simply use the hashtag filters. With the hashtag filter bar you can select one of the hashtags that are mostly used in your area. You can select one or more and once you do, only the posts that contain these hashtags will appear on your timeline and map:

If you like filtering content with hashtags, make sure to tap on the hashtag bar regularly to see the new trending topics and add them to your hashtag filter collection as new hashtags keep popping up as more users post and you probably wouldn’t want to miss out on any interesting topics.

Who makes the posts and why?

Users just like you make the posts, the reason is simple, there are people who like to be part of their community. People like to talk to the entire community instead of just one or two people.

In order for us to keep the posts authentic and clean, we do mandate users to login through Facebook or Instagram in order to be able to make posts.

Try Qurb and know what’s happening around you from other users just like you without having to friend or follow anyone

Download Qurb from:



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