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It was winter of 2007 when I came to Dubai to explore further opportunities in my entrepreneurial journey and it started with a bang really. My first big ticket project was with Budget Rent a Car UAE. One of the largest car rental companies in the region and I started building the website and created the booking engine for them and soon it became another revenue stream for the company.

Then I went on and created 100s of other car rental websites. Including the top names like Thrifty and Dollar Rent a Car and amazingly every website is doing good and making lot of money.

What I understood in this journey that there is something between me and car rental industry. Call it unspoken love or some sort of connection … something divine.

While doing all the work for this industry I saw all the operations very closely and I came across the problems and issues that customers face on daily basis. I always used to tell myself that I will surely solve all these problems when I come up with my own solution.

Car Rental industry is changing and today everyone is looking to rent a car at the cheapest possible price and lot of people spend plenty of hours comparing the prices on so many different portals.

My solution would love to become your destination for car rental needs.

We make sure that you know the “fineprint” before renting the car. So you face no surprises at the counter or at the time of collecting the car.

Once you are at you do not have to go to any other portal for the price comparison as our professionals pre-compare the prices for you and negotiate on your behalf from many different car rentals companies in the region and choose the best value for you.

Creativity is an integral part of Finalrentals communication strategy and to take it to the next level we have introduced Sandra and Peter who are the main cartoon characters for Finalrentals marketing and communication on social media platforms.

To meet Sandra and Peter use the link below.

Feel free to drop us a hit and a visit on for booking you can always reach us at

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