The Joy of the OTHER Airport

Al Maktoum Airport

Holidays, city-breaks, second honeymoons, family getaways—with a central location and tons of low-cost flights, Dubai is an ideal hub for travel-lovers. Shopping in a night market in Bangkok. Beach time in Sri Lanka. Ruins in Petra.


The airport.

The airport traffic. The airport parking. The airport security. The long walk to the gate. As amazing, well-run, and well-equipped as DXB is, it’s also very, very popular. Starting your holiday with long lines, crazy crowds, and getting everyone packed and out the door in time to be three hours early for an international flight? That’s a recipe for disaster. And you don’t have to!

One of Dubai’s best-kept secrets: we have another airport!


That’s right—clear on the other end of town, Al Maktoum Airport (DWC) is brand spanking-new and a glorious travel experience.

Start the holiday feeling before you even leave town. Drive on traffic-free roads with beautiful landscaping. Park right in front of the terminal—did we mention parking is free?—and walk less than 50m to the front door. Have a coffee at Starbucks before heading to the check-in desk. No rush, no line—you will literally walk right up to the counter. When you’ve got your boarding passes, walk right up to security and smile at the guard as you saunter right through. Immigration’s a breeze, too!

Once you’re in the main terminal, there’s nearly as much Duty Free to browse, and no-one else jockeying for a look at those Montblanc pens. There’s another Starbucks, a McDonalds café, pharmacy and currency exchange counter. If you’re a member (check your credit cards!) or buy a day pass, there’s a Marhaba lounge.

Airlines at DWC include Flydubai, Wizzair, Qatar Airways, and plenty of codeshares including Emirates, Cathay Pacific, and China Airlines.

Nonstop destinations include Kathmandu, Amman, Doha, Budapest, Sofia and Katowice, and there are plenty of options for connecting onward. And while flights from DWC are often slightly more expensive, the savings on taxi fare, hassle, and time can make it a bargain. In fact, it’s a smooth enough experience to surprise your beloved with a spontaneous weekend away—open up your favorite booking site, type in DWC, and let fate tell you where to discover next.

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