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Tennis Community Group in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

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Summer is over and the cooler season is here, Dubai-siders spending more time outdoors as Dubai’s activity scene noticeably picks up. Are you looking for new activity this season? Why not give tennis a try? At some point of our lives we were introduced to Tennis, some through watching matches, others through taking classes at school. We appreciate the evident grace of the sport, a perfect balance of strength and beauty, but not many of us know that tennis is not only good for your body it’s also great for your mind and soul. It helps with response, ability to stay focused, dig deep into your inner strength, making decisions quickly and precisely, patience and ability to read others, above all it teaches you to find the way to win. All of the above skills are highly regarded in the modern world we live in. Whether you trying to get back to the sport or just looking for new challenge, give Smash Tennis Academy a try and enrol yourself into our wide range of programs. Smash Tennis Academy offers lessons for adults and children as young as 3 years old. Our professional coaches have an extensive experience and accredited by various international tennis bodies such as: LTA, Tennis Australia, ITF. Our Academy is registered with Emirates Tennis Federation. STA programs carefully designed with focus on a gradual technical and tactical game improvement. Our junior programs vary from beginners to intermediate, and advanced to elite. For Junior Programs please refer to our FB page or website. If you are an advanced player looking to increase match play confidence following are designed for you! Weekly Clinics: 90 minutes group; first hour participants go through series of technical drills under coach’s supervision. The class is designed to improve your technique of all major tennis strokes through repetition. Most drills will imitate a real match situation where you’d be required to hit various shots to achieve a set target, last 30 minutes point play. Wednesday/ Saturday @8PM/ Fee: AED140 Social League: Weekly competitions for advanced players with real matches against other players in the league with “round robin draws” finals played in the end of every quarter. Types of Leagues: Men’s League / Ladies’ League: Doubles and Singles. Mixed League: Doubles. Enrol to all categories or just one; The Leagues are designed to increase social aspect of the game, as well as improve participant’s match play and tactical thinking. The Leagues are a great way to meet new people, stay fit and enjoy the game in a fun, but competitive way. Friday @ 6PM/ Fee: AED150/ Duration: 2 hours Hit with the Pros: 90 minutes hitting session with our coaches. Sunday &Thursday @ 8AM/ Fee: AED120 Cardio Tennis is a new concept that has been taking the world by storm, is the combination of high intensity cardio workouts with the tennis drills to the music. If you looking to loose weight, stay fit and have fun at the same time this class is for you. Minimum required level: intermediate beginner; will not suit a complete beginner. Sunday & Tuesday @ 8PM / Thursday @ 7PM Sunday & Wednesday @ 7AM / Saturday @ 8AM (From October) Fee: AED100/ Duration: 60 minutes Group Lessons Group lessons designed for players of all levels and ages to either give them a first taste of the sport or improve their technique. Participants will be divided by the ability. Sunday & Tuesday @ 9PM/ Fee: AED100 Ladies Mornings: especially designed for Ladies, this is a fun and social way to improve your game, fitness and add something new to your life. Its two hour long program, first hour mix of cardio tennis and drills, second hour match play. Wednesday @ 8AM (starts from October)/ Fee: AED150 Get your racquet ready! Start today!