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New Year Open Buffet & Team Games & Mini Theater Movie Meet-up

Start date

25 January at 6:00 PM

End date

26 January at 12:00 PM

Meeting point

DAMAC metro station exit - seaside, Dubai


Bonaire Tower(face MURJAN) - Bonaire Tower - Dubai


Bonaire Tower(face MURJAN) - Bonaire Tower - Dubai



Attendees Limit



casual, bring swim wear & tower


Meet people, play team games, unwind in a jacuzzi, watch a movie in a mini movie theater (35 people capacity), & have some delicious yet ethical healthy treats - including Freedom Pizza's...

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Meet people, play team games, unwind in a jacuzzi, watch a movie in a mini movie theater (35 people capacity), & have some delicious yet ethical healthy treats - including Freedom Pizza's ( brand new vegan icecream (AKA nicecream) sandwiches & new vegan pizza - with access to a big array of recreational facilities such as infinity pool and squash court :) You don't have to order a vegan pizza, but I recommend you try out the vegan cheese! Check out for info about their top notch local organic ingredients and multgrain bread! ============================================= [[[[ PICTURES OF VENUE, FOOD, ACTIVITIES ]]]]!Ai_gGPmZaUxDgZ4LkM9TNxx1Dze6SQ ============================================= /// LOCATION \\\ Bonaire Tower is part of Park Island, between Life Pharmacy and Super Trim, near Mom's Food and 800 Degrees restaurants in Dubai Marina opposite JBR's The Walk and beach. However, we can meet you at the meetup point below (we can drop you back too!); please tell me if you want to meet there. - Venue: Bonaire Tower - - Meetup Point @ DAMAC metro sea / marina side - ============================================= /// FEES \\\ - AED75 for prepayment (AED50 for ladies) - AED110 for postpayment (AED75 if you bring someone). - FREE for 2 ladies for helping with marketing. Also get free new Freedom Pizza vegan pizza & vegan icecream sandwich. Check TICKETS for details & availability. Booking only upon advance payment (priority) / CONTACT ME below - limited spaces Includes: - Freedom Pizza pizza (1 pie per person - give me ur preferance) - popcorn - vegan snacks - home made vegan treats (depends on number coming) - nearby parking (Park Island / SkyDive / Marina Towers - south) - infinity pool access - BBQ area access - outdoor jacuzzi access - indoor jacuzzi access - shower access (indoor / outdoor) - squash court access - movie vote - movie screening - round group intro with personality questions; know thyself too! - team games (trivia, speed triva, diet debate) - social media connection (only if you CONTACT ME below) - 1 session with Age of Rage of Range ( in Dubai / Natural Living Alliance in Abu Dhabi ( (calisthenics & arts of evasion) AND Bujinkan Tori Dubai ( / Bujinkan Tori Abu Dhabi ( (Ninjutsu) - 6 left! Advance Payment: EventBrite OR ($1 = AED3.67 + 5% processing fee) OR ask for ENBD / HSBC account info (online / ATM / branch transfer) / meet near DAMAC metro station Marina side 4 hours before start (2PM max). ============================================= /// BRING \\\ - casual wear - OPTIONAL: swim wear, towel - cash according to FEES - your phone - your spiritual self, mind, and arse! ============================================= /// PLAN \\\ 1) meet at DAMAC metro Marina side exit: 15 minutes (6PM to 6:15PM) 2) go to Bonaire Tower: 15 minutes (6:15PM to 6:30PM) 3) team trivia & diet debate games while waiting for food and others to arrive (pool & jacuzzi side): 1 hour (6:30PM to 7:30PM) 4) dinner with music & personality questions intro (multipurpose room / library - depends): 1 hour (7:30PM to 8:30PM) 5) movie(s) with popcorn AND/OR relax @ indoor / outdoor jacuzzi: 2.5 hours (8:30PM to 11PM) 6) walk @ JBR's The Walk: 1 hour (11PM to 12AM) ============================================= /// CONTACT ME \\\ Confirm @ & add me on WhatsApp & any SM to book ur spot, assist with directions / transport, & update on late changes. This is also for the free sessions, important notifications, info & training, connect u with others, share morewith u, know u better, and customize training 4 u. - WhatsApp: 055 919 6179. - SM: OR (add and intro). ============================================= Want to help & earn / give discounts / rebates? Have referrals pay OR register as an affiliate (AED25 per sale!) @ You may ask for secret affiliate flyer to ensure / increase commission =:) ============================================= Time to be natural! Row / Mowrad