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Description: For all professionals who work in producing and selling furniture in Dubai. We are a group of experts in the UAE that meet-up to make business connections and have a good time.
Description: Our profession group is for all professionals who work in the sale, creation, or distribution of high end luxury goods or jewellry in the UAE. Everyone is welcome to the finest of networking events for others working in the luxury items field in Dubai.
Description: This group is for business people in involved in trade including retail, wholesale, and other general trading businesses in the UAE. Become a part of our profession group to meet and network with others in Dubai who work in our field.
Description: We are a group of government, public sector undertaking (PSU) and defense workers in the UAE. For all those that support our government, join us to speak with others working in this industry and make personal and professional connections in Dubai.
Description: Calling all creative and digitally oriented minds in the UAE! We are a group of graphic designers in Dubai that get together to network as well as collaborate and enjoy spending time with each other.
Description: Be our guest and join us at our meet-ups in the UAE to converse with others in the hospitality industry as well as establish business contacts. Whether you work in Dubai's restaurants, hotels, or amusement parks you're sure to have a great time in our group.
Description: Dubai has no shortage of foodies and excellent restaurants and you can find them all in our Restaurant Community. All chefs, owners, bloggers, food critics, and other restaurant personnel are...
Description: This group was created for HR and recruiting professionals in Dubai. Join us for social and networking events in the UAE to help grow your skill set and network of contacts.
Description: All computer whizzes and technology professionals that work in the Information Technology industry in Dubai are invited to join our group. We will discuss advancements and issues within our industry as well as meet other people who work in our field in the UAE.
Description: For all workers in the insurance industry whether you are in life, health, house, or other types of insurance in Dubai. Let's meet-up to gain contacts in our industry and talk with fellow professionals who work in insurance in the UAE.
Description: Our group brings together talented decorators and interior designers in Dubai. Join us for UAE meet-ups to discuss how we do business as well as to network and meet like minded people.
Description: Whether your specialty is social media, digital media, internet commerce, website development, or some other faction of the online world, we would love to have you in our group here in the UAE. We get together in Dubai to discuss techniques and strategy in our industry and well as to form business and personal connections.
Description: For all who work in smelting and refining iron and steel in Dubai, we are the group for you to join. We hold UAE meet-ups to facilitate networking between members of our group and have conversations about industry related and unrelated topics.
Description: For all technicians and professionals who work to help provide us with internet service across the UAE. We meet-up to talk shop, network, and have a great time with others in the Internet Service Provider field in Dubai.
Description: All writers, reporters, journalists and others who work in the journalism and information fields in the UAE are welcome to our group. We hold invigorating discussions on various topics as well as general networking events in Dubai.
Description: All specialists in the UAE from the knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and analytics industries are called to join our group. We know analytics which help our businesses to run more smoothly through data and statistical analysis. Let's chat about it and get to know others in our field in Dubai.
Description: Our group is a place for all workers who are engaged in tanning, currying, and finishing hides and skins as well as manufacturing finished leather and artificial leather products in Dubai. You are welcome to our UAE based group where we will come together in the talk leather and form valuable connections.
Description: We are a place for professionals in the legal field in Dubai to come together for networking and social meet-ups. All professionals from the UAE involved in law such as lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, and others are invited to join.
Description: All librarians and others who work in libraries in the UAE are offered a spot in our group. Our meet-ups will be held at various libraries around Dubai to help connect library professionals.
Description: All business people involved in international trade in Dubai are invited to join our group. Form valuable business connections and join us to socialize with others in our industry in the UAE.