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EC Guidelines

MC Group leader manual

The ExpatConnect MC Group Leader Guide

Thank you very much for choosing to become a Micro-Community (MC) Group Leader on ExpatConnect! (If you have not yet applied to become a leader, you can apply here: We know you will play a crucial role in developing your Micro-Community and we are grateful for your dedication. 

An Introduction to Your MC Group

Micro-Communities (MCs) are small groups of expats organized around a Neighborhood, Profession, Nationality or Interest. Meet-ups are gatherings of members from one MC Group and the driving force of interaction and communal growth for groups.

Our MC Groups Team is here to support you in maintaining excellent groups and to ensure that every group has a unique and distinct purpose by avoiding duplicate groups. Our goal is to foster growth in our community, so that MCs can allow expats to rapidly discover compatible people around them and form lasting connections to help them adjust to life in the UAE.


Getting Around Your Group

Here’s a brief overview of your MC Group page and how it’s organized by sections:

  • Wall: The main news feed and conversation place is located here. All group members can chat, upload photos, or check for new Meet-ups here.
  • Photos: This displays a summary of all photos that have been posted to the Wall by MC group members. You can make photo albums here as MC Group Leader.
  • Meet-ups: This is a section where group members can add new Meet-ups or check out upcoming Meet-ups in the group.
  • Members: This section lets you view all the members in the group as well as send a message to the entire group.
  • Support:  Use this section (only viewable by Group Leaders) to contact the MC Groups Team, who will reply via email to any questions or problems about your group.


Getting Started as a MC Group Leader

After you become a Group Leader, you can begin by adding contacts and friends to your group to help it grow. Beyond this, there’s no better way to jump-start the activity in a group than by planning your Meet-ups. New meet-ups encourage other members to join and make the group more noticeable.


Constructing Meet-ups

You most vital role as a MC Group Leader is to make sure that there are frequent Meet-ups happening in your group (at least 1-2 per month). You can plan any kind of Meet-ups, as long as they are consistent with the guidelines and are related to the group topic. But always be aware of local customs and laws when creating meet-ups; if you are ever unsure about this, send the Meet-ups Team a message at:


Follow these steps to make a Meet-up:

1. Navigate to the Meet-ups section in your MC group and select Create Meet-up.

2. In Meet-up Details, type in the venue, date, name, and description. You can also specify an entry fee and a maximum number of attendees.

3. Click on Create to finish.

Select a clear name that explains what the Meet-up is about to all the group members. This is your first impression for old and new members!

Encourage your group members to create and post Meet-ups as well. However, make sure there are not two Meet-ups within the same group that have conflicting times. If two members add Meet-ups that are occurring on the same date and time, notify them that they need to reschedule their Meet-ups to avoid conflicting.


Spreading the Word about a Meet-up

After posting your meet-up, you can spread the word by inviting group members, other ExpatConnect members, or other people outside of our site by clicking on Invite contacts on the main page of your Meet-up once it has been posted. The meet-up page can also be shared across ExpatConnect’s platform and other social media networks.


Directly after you post a Meet-up it:

  • will be displayed on the MC Group Wall and Meet-ups sections of the group to inform members
  • will be displayed in the Happenings section of ExpatConnect viewable by the entire EC community
  • will be displayed as an update on the walls of those members who join the meet-up
  • can be chosen to be included in the Meet-ups Newsletter


Contacting Meet-up Attendees

After posting the Meet-up, you can choose between adding a comment directly beneath the Meet-up post to contact attendees, or you can message the all attendees by selecting Send message to attendees.

Posting Meet-ups with a 7-10 day window before the date of the Meet-up helps encourage participation. (In fact you must post the meet-up at least 5 days in advance per our site rules.) Please note that not all members who sign up are likely to actually attend. Usually 10 to 50% of projected attendees will fail to show up. It helps to remind attendees to withdraw in advance if they know they aren’t coming. If you need exact numbers, you can contact attendees by private message here on ExpatConnect.


Planning Details for Meet-ups

EC Events and MC Meet-ups

MC Group Leaders host Meet-ups open to a small group of members interested in one common theme. On the other hand EC Events are open to the all members of ExpatConnect and are planned by members called Delegates.

For these reasons, it’s not allowed to organize nightlife Meet-ups on the same date as EC Events. Avoid using the same venue or time as an EC Event for a Meet-up in general and avoid including the word “Events” in Meet-up titles.


Meet-up Venues

The location, rendezvous point, or venue of a Meet-up should be public, reachable by all members, and easy to find. It’s probably best to reserve a table prior to the meet-up if going to a bar or restaurant.

It’s really not recommended to hold Meet-ups in your home, as group members can be uncertain about going to a private place. If you choose to do so, it’s at your own risk and ExpatConnect cannot be held responsible for any damages that occur.

Expenses and Entry Fees

In a perfect world group members could attend all Meet-ups for free. But some Meet-ups  may include costs (such as reservation fees for sports courts, equipment costs, or ticket fees for the movies).  Let your members know about the costs beforehand. It’s important to be very honest about what happens to the money and what specifically the money is paying for.  You are advised to collect Meet-up expenses personally at the get together itself or at one of your Meet-ups occurring before the paid Meet-up.

But note that these fees are not supposed to supply you with any profit and are only to be used to cover your costs for Meet-ups. Meet-ups connected to a commercial venture will be removed.


Hosting the Meet-up

Often there will be new members of the a your Meet-ups. Make them feel comfortable and welcome by introducing them to the other members of the group.  You can inform us about a rude or inappropriate member by using the Report link on the user’s profile on ExpatConnect.


Your Group Leader Responsibilities

As a Group Leader, your responsibilities include replying to questions from group members, planning monthly Meet-ups, and moderating your group.

You also receive the following perks:

  • Free Premier membership while you work as a Group Leader
  • A position in your Micro-Community that allows you to connect with members that share your hobby or interest in a novel way
  • A unique rank and leadership role on ExpatConnect
  • And most importantly you get to have an awesome time at the Meet-ups!


Mediating and Managing the Group

As a Group Leader, it’s important to make sure your group is positive and welcoming to everyone. So make sure you are checking the group often to police for and remove any posts, comments, Meet-ups, or pictures that do not meet our guidelines.

This includes any content that is sexually explicit; endorsing or supporting a commercial venture, business, or group on another social network; or insulting, intolerant, or hate-fueled towards others. If you are unsure about something, you can use the Report link to let the ExpatConnect team oversee the problem.


Sharing and uploading photos is a good way to promote your group and share any Meet-up photos with all the attendees. But keep in mind, that if a member asks not to have their photo taken or put on the MC photos tab, you are required to comply with their wishes.


Group Leader Teams

If you would like someone else to help with managing your group and organizing Meet-ups, you can select another member of ExpatConnect to become a Leader of your group.

Note that multiple Group Leaders have the same amount of power in a group, so be very careful with who you choose.

Consider these tips prior to making your selection:

  • The person you appoint should already be knowledgeable about the responsibilities that are associated with being a Group Leader and the ExpatConnect Guidelines.
  • They should be sociable, dependable, and easy to work with.
  • They should not stand to gain business or success in a commercial business by becoming a Group Leader.

To add another Group Leader on ExpatConnect, make sure you connect with them first on the site. Note that the maximum number of Group Leaders per group is four.


Need Help?

We are always here to answer questions or give you advice for your group. To get in touch with us send us an email at You can also access a message form in the Support section of your group page.

Thank you for volunteering to be MC Group Leader and brsinging people together here at ExpatConnect. We wish you all the best and we look forward to working with you to build a successful group!

Wishing you lots of success,

The ExpatConnect MC Groups Team

EC Community Guidelines

ExpatConnect is a social network for Expats in the UAE, initially developed and launched in Dubai. ExpatConnect’s mission is to help expatriates, living and working in the United Arab Emirates, to get to know each other through our Micro-Communities platform. Based on areas of common ground including their neighborhoods, interests, nationalities and professions, ExpatConnect will help them to find new friends, re-connect with old ones, meet professionals online and stay connected. They will have access to important up-to-date information, be able to exchange ideas, and ultimately meet in real life at our special thematic offline EC events and meet-ups.  Because together we all can achieve more!

This page contains the rights that members of the ExpatConnect community are granted upon entry to the site as well as the responsibilities and guidelines members must adhere to. ExpatConnect is deeply committed to sustaining and defending freedom of speech. However, we also have clear guidelines for extremely important types of content and conduct that can negatively affect our members, our organization, or our community.  The walls of micro-communities, EC events, and Meet-up pages are places where members can relate genuine and trustworthy communication. The following guidelines are in place to maintain these standards in our community and the information shared therein.

ExpatConnect has the ability to remove any content as we see fit or take other necessary actions, if we discover activity or content on the site that does not follow the below guidelines or is otherwise deemed unfitting for our site.

1.    Rights of Members

The following are the basic rights that are given to members upon entering the site as well as the ideas that guide ExpatConnect in reaching our goals as a platform. These rights should only be limited by laws, technology and changing social norms.

Ability to Connect and Share

Members have the ability to share any information of any format that they desire to on the site. They also have the right to connect with any other members online as long as both parties agree to the association.

Possession and Regulation of Information

 Members are considered owners of the information they release on the site. They have the ability to distribute this information to anyone they like and remove any information created by themselves on ExpatConnect. Members have the ability to designate who will be able to view their information, and regulate the privacy of the information they share within their settings. Nonetheless, these privacy settings available to members do not control how others who have viewed shared information may use it, especially outside of the ExpatConnect service.

Universal Accessibility of Information

Members should have the ability to view all of the information shared with them by others. Members should also have useful tools to make sharing and viewing this information fast and simple.

Equality of Members

 Every member, whether they are an individual, advertiser, developer, organization, or other type of person, should have the ability to view and share information within the ExpatConnect service, disregarding their main purpose on the site.  All members and people using ExpatConnect will adhere to a single list of principles, rights, and responsibilities.

Social Worth

 Members should have the ability to create meaningful and trustworthy relationships through their identity on the site. Their account on the site should not be deleted or restricted for any reasons besides those listed in ExpatConnect’s Terms and Conditions.

General Welfare

 The rights and responsibilities of ExpatConnect and the members that use it should be listed in the Terms and Conditions, which should be in alignment with these guidelines.

Transparent Procedure

 ExpatConnect promises to make information about its purpose, intentions, rules, and activities publicly available. ExpatConnect should have a procedure to communicate transparently to its members and receive feedback on changes to the Community Guidelines or to the Terms and Conditions.

Ability for Expansion

 ExpatConnect service should go beyond borders created by countries or geography and should be accessible to all people all over the world.

2.    Responsibilities of Members

Following are responsibilities that members of the site must uphold.

Use Your Real Identity

In contrast to other online sites, our members should be real people, who supply their real names and correct information about their identities. It’s not acceptable to provide deceptive information about yourself, your name, living area, your nationality, etc. on ExpatConnect.

Keeps Things Professional

 We require that our members conduct themselves in a professional manner by not being deceitful or inappropriate. We recognize the worth of conversations surrounding professional and leisure activities, but we do not want you to utilize ExpatConnect to frighten or shock others.  It’s not allowed to share graphic images to stun others or to share obscene images, in regards to images that may designated as inappropriate and removed by ExpatConnect.

Treat Others with Kindness

 ExpatConnect shouldn’t be utilized to hurt others. Terrorists and others who participate in violent crimes are not welcome on ExpatConnect. It’s not allowed to use ExpatConnect’s services to harass, exploit, or send otherwise unkind communications to members including spam, junk mail, or scams. As well you may not utilize ExpatConnect to purposely send software to others that can damage their electronics. While using ExpatConnect, you may not interrupt or inhibit our services.

Write in English

ExpatConnect’s language of use across the site is solely English. All forms of written communication including posts and comments must be in English. An exception arises when a passage in another language is accompanied by an adequate translation.

3.    What’s Not Allowed

In the following list are actions and types of content that are not in any cases permitted on ExpatConnect.

Content of a Commercial Nature

Written communication may not advertise for other social networks.  Posts or Micro-Communities marketing businesses or of a commercial nature are not allowed.

Harming Others

Ultimately, we intend for everyone to be safe on our site. It’s not allowed to use ExpatConnect as a way to threaten or plan harming another person or their assets.  We will delete content or contact the police if we notice anything that could lead to others being harmed. Using the site to bully others or plan to hurt other people is not allowed.  Known terrorist or criminal organizations are not permitted here on our site.

Hate speech

We support members sharing their opinions openly, but we do not allow single members or groups to criticize others based on their race, country of origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs , gender, or medical condition. Any type of hate speech is not allowed.

Hurting Minors

ExpatConnect registration is restricted to those above 21 years of age. Take care when posting anything about minors, and do not cyberbully them using our services. Never add anything to the site that is graphic or inappropriate in relation to minors.

Endorsing Self-Harm

It’s not allowed to post content that intentionally endorses or paints self-harm in a positive light. Content that encourages the following is not allowed: cutting oneself, eating disorders, or suicide. Communities or content that includes discussion about these topics and promotes recovery or therapy is encouraged and will not be deleted.

Sexual or Graphic Content

You may not upload nude images or any pornographic content of any kind to the site.  Graphic or gross content including injured or dead animals or humans is not allowed.

Deceitful or False Posts

Do not include deceitful or false links in your posts that are portrayed as leading to one location when they lead to another. Also, multiple identical posts and messages are not allowed and avoid posting in the incorrect category.

Automated Accounts

It’s not permitted to collect or sell in any manner multiple ExpatConnect URLs or usernames. It’s also not allowed to automate account creation or posting from an account using programs.

Posting Copyrighted Content

We take copyrights and trademarks seriously at ExpatConnect. Do not post someone else’s copyrighted work without their permission. If you would like to notify us of wrongful use of content on our site please use the international Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notification form. We comply with messages of this kind according to the DMCA and our Terms of Service and will ensure that all legitimate cases are reviewed. If you do post something that you have permission to use, always include the correct attribution to the original source.

Identity Theft or Acquiring Private Information

You cannot upload to the site any identifying information about another person including but not limited to their passport number, credit card numbers, phone number, etc. It’s not allowed to use ExpatConnect to find and acquire private information about others.

Soliciting Dates or Harrasment Online

ExpatConnect is not a dating website. You should use EC to socialize and make friends. Do not send harrassing messages or create posts soliciting dates or attention for romantic reasons. Posts of this nature will be deleted, and constant harrassment of users is grounds for banning or removal from the site.

Illegal Content

ExpatConnect is not a place for illegal conduct, including scams or harming others. It’s not allowed to use ExpatConnect to sell or buy regulated goods. If you post a listing involving firearms, alcohol, tobacco, or adult products, it is illegal in the UAE and on ExpatConnect and you should face the legal consequences.

ExpatConnect is a private site that offers a community where its members can socialize and converse with each other. The opportunity to join ExpatConnect is open to everyone. Our members must abide by the Terms and Conditions and observe our rules for behavior on the site. Kindly, treat the members, community, and the staff of ExpatConnect with respect.

Note that warnings for breaking these guidelines will be sent to members at their emails. If the member’s behavior does not improve or an explanation is not supplied, we reserve the right to ban a member or delete their account. We will make sure to be fair, but also have the ability to take disciplinary action or delete things from our site at any time without warnings at our discretion but particularly if we feel our members, community, or our website is threatened. However, the aforementioned guidelines do not create an obligation for us to act in any certain manner and we retain the right to apply them as we see fit.

We also have the ability to change these guidelines by utilizing the procedure included in our Terms of Service.

Thanks for reading the complete community guidelines and welcome to ExpatConnect! If you notice anything that goes against these guidelines, please notify us here.

Delegate manual

What is an ExpatConnect Delegate?

  • An organizer who plans and coordinates regular EC events in Dubai or any other city in the UAE
  • A dedicated volunteer who completely supports the idea of ExpatConnect
  • A contact person on-the-ground in Dubai

ExpatConnect Delegates are members of our site who have been given a unique membership status because they whole-heartedly support the idea of ExpatConnect and are highly-connected individuals in their local communities.

What are the roles and responsibilities of an ExpatConnect Delegate?

  • Planning and hosting one EC event per month
  • Serving as a contact person for other ExpatConnect members
  • Assisting ExpatConnect in developing and growing the local network of Dubai and UAE Expats.

What perks are given to ExpatConnect Delegates?

ExpatConnect Delegates are essential volunteers that contribute to our Local Communities and receive a space on the ExpatConnect central page for publishing news and updates. As the amount of ExpatConnect members grows, you will soon assume an important role within the active network of expats in the UAE. Your own group of personal friends and business connections will grow rapidly by hosting EC events. As well, our Delegates become Premier Members for free and will maintain this account type even after a resignation. Lastly, ExpatConnect Delegates will be dynamically involved in the growth of our community in the future.

What are extra abilities given to ExpatConnect Delegates on the site?

Delegates are able to edit the UAE Guide and the FAQ in a pretty universal manner, and they may extend invitations for EC Events to the entire EC Community.

Who is eligible to be an ExpatConnect Delegate?

Anyone! If your curiosity is piqued by the idea of ExpatConnect and our community, we welcome you to apply. Also note that Delegates should be individuals with solid connections to their expat community, who are highly involved in the goings-on in the UAE and who are enthusiastic about increasing the awareness about ExpatConnect around the UAE.

Become an ExpatConnect Delegate Today!

Thanks for reaching out to us! We really value that you are considering becoming an ExpatConnect Delegate. Kindly write to us at and explain in a brief email why you would like to have this volunteer position. As well, you can send in nominations for another person who would do well as a Delegate with this email. We'll respond to your inquiry shortly.

Events and Meet-ups creation

  • Meet-ups which are not allowed include those that:
    • either have a commercial nature or are connected to the a business belonging to the host or family member of the host
    • the host arranges or advertises by means of a different social networking than ExpatConnect
  • A Meet-up's date, location, and time should be written in the allocated fields for that information on the Meet-up page and not anywhere else.
  • Meet-up posts and descriptions must be written in English or supply an English translation.
  • Meet-ups with a nightlife theme should not be scheduled on the same day as an ExpatConnect Official Event or it will be removed. Please email us at if you are not sure if your Meet-up is included in the nightlife group.
  • ExpatConnect reserves the ability to delete a Meet-up if it does not follow the aforementioned guidelines or is found unfitting for our community.

Thank you. These rules and guidelines contribute to keeping ExpatConnect secure and unique.

I confirm that my ExpatConnect Meet-ups do not promote a commercial venture or a different social network; my Meet-ups were only designed for the ExpatConnect platform and its users. If any of my Meet-ups fail to follow any of the abovementioned Guidelines for Events & Meet-ups or the ExpatConnect Terms and Conditions, I am fully aware that ExpatConnect has the ability to delete my Meet-up.

Offline conduct on EC events and Meet-ups

Any members of ExpatConnect and accompanying guests are free to attend EC Events. This does not apply for events planned just for expats or Premier Members or for those where smaller event locations require a predetermined, short guest list.

It is our first priority to ensure that all EC Event attendees enjoy themselves. However, ExpatConnect retains no responsibility for anything that occurs at one of our EC Events hosted by one of our Delegates. Similarly, ExpatConnect retains no responsibility for anything that happens at a Meet-up hosted by one of our Group Leaders or by one of our site members.

ExpatConnect has the ability to collect an entry fee from guests for purposes related to financing the event. These include funds spent on event attractions (such as a DJ or refreshments), venue related costs, or money spent by Delegates to help organize the event.

Kindly be open and courteous to all attendees to make them feel comfortable and welcome, in line with the purpose of ExpatConnect. Conducting oneself in an unsuitable manner at an EC Event or Meet-up constitutes grounds for a member’s removal from the ExpatConnect platform. Note that attendees of a Meet-up should only include those who signed up for the Meet-up.

Accepting an EC Event or Meet-up invite is considered as acknowledgement by the user that ExpatConnect has the rights to publish any photographs or video footage recorded at EC Events or Meet-ups on the ExpatConnect websites and/or any other platform endorsed by ExpatConnect. If the user would like to not appear on the website or other platforms in photos or video, he/she must relay their wish clearly to the photographer or cameraman/camerawoman at the event or meet-up. If a user would like a photo deleted that is already published on the ExpatConnect website, the user must send a message to ExpatConnect email at .

ExpatConnect supplies its members with a forum for connecting with and meeting new people. Both regular and Premier memberships on ExpatConnect are open for any person to join. Participants must conduct themselves in a courteous manner and abide by our terms and conditions. Kindly approach our members, our staff, and our network here on with civility and respect.